Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gila Cliff Dwellings/Silver City

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The Gila Cliff Dwellings made a wonderful day trip from Silver City. This is a beautiful part of the world. The drive is exceptional. On the way back to Silver City, I felt like I was one with the car and the road. It was the most enjoyable drive of my life, through twisty mountain roads, splashing through water that ran over the road, taking in the scenery.

The cliff dwellings didn't disappoint. It's about a three mile hike round trip, passing by the beautiful Gila River.

Back in Silver City, I wandered around town. I ate at Diane's Restaurant, which I thought was pretty good if a bit expensive. I rarely order steak, but tonight I had the Southwest Ribeye--very good. I walked around some more and ended up eating delicious gelato. Yum!

I forgot to mention that the drive from Roswell to White Sands is another of my favorites. You can see mountains in the distance from all angles.

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Linda said...

Anne, glad you enjoyed the Cliff Dwellings. Whenever I go there, I am awed as I touch the walls and imagine 700+ years ago, Indians making the walls. I also love the view from the dwellings.

My City-fied sister visited them and you know what she asked? "Why did the Indians build the dwellings so far away from Silver City?" Alrighty then!

Enjoy your journey!

Linda Ferrara